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Refine & Fade

Are you turning clients away because they have bad permanent make up & your unsure how to help them… now you can with Refine & Fade.

Its a unique formula that is tattooed into the area requiring removal. The solution will fade out the saturated ink via “Osmosis”
TRAINING IS NOW Available! Total cost £650

Refine & Fade is a high quality saline lightening solution approved & safety tested by a Uk laboratory. To give the very best results. Refine & Fade is also safe for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and emergency removal.

• Simple to use, with great results.
• Laboratory grade, SAFE formula
• Fades all colours

What is Refine & Fade?

Our unique formula is tattooed into the area requiring removal, the most common treatment is permanent eyebrows. When implanted correctly our easy to use solution will fade out the ink over a course of treatments.

What will I learn?

This course is for permanent make up artists, tattooists and/or microbladers. During this course you will learn how to use Refine & Fade removal system to get the best results for your clients. You will learn how to get the very best removal results for your clients. We will provide you with the knowledge of how to carry out the treatment, manage client expectations, case studies and what not to do.
Suitable for machine use.

  • What do you get with this course?
  • How and why our solution works
  • How to properly execute the correct removal process
  • Needle selection
  • Dark Skin and Hyper-pigmentation
  • Pigment Particle Size
  • All About Titanium Dioxide
  • How to Remove a freshly done treatment (emergency removal)
  • Set Up
  • Machine Tutorial
  • After Care
  • Certificate of Attendance

In person training working on live models.

Refine & Fade High-quality Saline Lightening Solution


We run our training courses at our flagship clinic and Academy just outside Northwest London in Radlett Hertfordshire WD7. If you are travelling from overseas or more than 90 minutes away we recommend staying in The Red Lion Hotel which is a 1 minute walk away from us.

It can take you anywhere between 4 months & up to a year to complete our training course depending on how long it takes you to complete your case studies.
We provide models for you on the practical days of your training but you will need to bring your own model with you for your assessment day.

Our courses are suitable for complete beginners, practice makes perfect!

We offer our Laura Kay London accredited certification as well as a Level 4 qualification.

We offer finance options as well as payment plans where you can just pay your booking fee to secure your place and the remaining balance two weeks before, alternatively you can apply for finance via this link make sure you’re on a computer when you do this as it’s not optimised on a mobile or an iPad.

What can I earn?

Treatments per week 3 6 9
Treatment price
Weekly earnings
Monthly earnings
Yearly earnings
*treatment prices (what you can charge) vary depending on location from £280 to £800+

Pricing and Course Details

Training is now available! Total cost £650.
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