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Permanent Make Up

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Can you imagine being able to go about your daily routine without the worry of how your make up looks!

Permanent make up, also known as semi-permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing, gives you the chance to wake up looking amazing. It’s medically approved, hypoallergenic and completely safe, when done by a trained professional – plus it’s simple and the results look astounding.

£100 non refundable booking fee is taken to secure your appointment, this comes off the price of the treatment.

Semi-permanent make up

who is it for?

Semi-permanent make up at Laura Kay London is the ideal choice for individuals who:

Want to save time due to busy daily schedules.

Have lost their natural lip line due to the ageing process.

Are sporty types who want to look their best even in the gym or pool.

Are sensitive or allergic to conventional make up.

Have vision problems that cause difficulty when applying make up.

Suffer with arthritis and dexterity problems that make it difficult to apply make up.

Have complete or partial loss of eyebrows caused by alopecia, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy treatments or other conditions.

Have little confidence in applying make up.

Have sparse or over plucked eyebrows.

Like to look their best at all times.

Semi-permanent make up

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Eyebrows are the frame of your face– you’d be amazed how well-groomed eyebrows can act as an instant face-lift and give you a more youthful appearance. 

What does the treatment involve?

After first using eyebrow pencils to establish the shape you require, you are then colour matched with a bespoke shade for the most natural, realistic looking brows.

How long does it take?

Depending on the finish you choose your treatment can take between 1-2 hours.

How long do the results last?

Results last approximately two years, however most treatments will require a follow up treatment approximately six months or a year after the first.

Permanent Make Up

Microblading/ Nanoblading

The latest revolutionary beauty trend to hit the UK, this wildly popular treatment has stormed Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing, pigment is carefully applied in the top layer of the skin using a precision hand tool. This enables careful ‘feathering’ of the pigment, ensuring a much more natural finish.

We are well known for our very natural Nanoblading technique!

Fine Hair Strokes Technique

Also known as the hair simulation technique, this treatment can be done using the traditional permanent make up machine or micro-blading with a hand tool. The machine can sometimes merge strokes, giving a natural fluffy appearance. While Laura Kay London’s Nano Needle hand tool mimics the appearance of natural brow hairs, leaving them sharp and precise.

Powder Ombre Eyebrows

If you like a fuller, more defined brow then the powder technique is perfect for you. Mimicking the appearance of your usual brow make up, whether that’s powder or pencil.

At Laura Kay London we use our signature soft shading technique to achieve defined and groomed eyebrows.

from £495


Enhance and restore the natural shape and beauty of your lips, while adding volume and creating symmetry for your perfect smile–with or without lipstick.

What does this treatment involve?
Creating the appearance of fuller lips and even camouflaging scars is simple with permanent lip liner. Subtly enhance and correct your lip line with a simple, soft lip line known as a ‘lip contour’, or opt for a lip blush where the liner is blended over the lips creating a natural-looking wash of colour.

How long does it take?

Depending on the desired finish you choose for your lip.

How long do the results last?
All treatments include a top-up appointment, which must be taken 4-8 weeks after your first appointment. For lips you may find you require a top-up 6-18 months later, depending on how well your lips hold the pigment.

from £320


Well-applied eyeliner will make your lashes look thicker, and your eyes more defined. Fact! It also enhances the natural colour of your eyes. But not everyone has the time or the skill to apply eyeliner perfectly every day. With Laura Kay London permanent eyeliner you have that beautiful definition all the time.

What does the treatment involve?

With infinite skill and precision, a fine line of permanent eyeliner is placed in between the lashes using a very tiny precision needle, which deposits pigment into the top layer of the dermis. There are three different options you can choose from: lower lash and/or upper lash, or the ‘latino’ which creates a sexy feline flick. 

Scroll through our before and afters to discover your desired treatment.

How long does it take?

Depending on the desired finish you choose your eye liner can take between 1-2 hours.

How long do the results last?
Results last approximately two-five years, treatments will require a follow up treatment approximately 4-8 weeks after the first, and may require another top up every year, depending on your skin type.

from £800


The ideal way to enhance your hairline, disguise thinning hair, or restore the appearance of hair on the scalp is through micropigmentation.

Using specialist techniques and carefully blended pigments, Laura can simulate hair to give you a natural look that mimics real hair growth. You can treat hair loss due to pattern baldness, alopecia, illness or injury. This technique is also effective at disguising scars from hair transplant surgery.

Suitable for men or women, scalp micropigmentation can be blended into your existing hair to provide the illusion of healthy, natural hair.


Body confidence can be dramatically increased with medical tattooing which masks, re-colours, and reconstructs, while also improving the appearance of scarring and tissue. We have seen excellent results for the following cases:

  • Alopeci

  • Breast Reduction/Augmentation

  • Areola/Nipple Reconstruction

  • Body Surgery Scars

  • Skin Re-pigmentation

Areola reconstruction is a highly specialised area of micropigmentation. Laura combines expert knowledge, cutting edge techniques, 

extensive training, and artistic experience to create the illusion of a fully three-dimensional nipple using complimentary micropigmentation.

If you have experienced breast cancer, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or other surgery, areola reconstruction can help restore your confidence in your appearance, camouflage scarring, and improve the natural appearance of the breast.

Laura’s treatments are extremely sensitive and specialised, completely tailored to you to help you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process.