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The course includes hands on training with Laura Kay, and covers a wide variety of topics to give you all the information, techniques and skills you will need. On this course we focus on 3 main areas: 


You will learn how to create perfect hair stroke eyebrow as well as learning the powder and Ombre eyebrow.


You will learn how to create the perfect lip contour (lip liner) and how to master a lip blush.


You will learn how to create a subtle lash enhancement as well as top and bottom eyeliner.

We do offer the VTCT level 4 qualification in Micropigmentation, you must be a level 3 beauty therapist or equivalent qualification to carry out the VTCT level 4 option of this course. Alternatively you can start with our VTCT level 4 Microblading (suitable for complete beginners that require the VTCT level 4 qualification)  course first and then move onto our VTCT level 4 Micropigmentation course. Or you could carry out our fully Accredited Micropigmentation course if you didn’t require the VTCT level 4  qualification and just wanted to learn the machine technique. If you work in a London Borough you will require a VTCT level 4 qualification in order to obtain a license. Every council has different requirements. 

total cost £6,850

A brief synopsis of cosmetic tattooing

Procedures and Techniques

  • Mastering your device
  • Eyebrow Procedures
  • Eyeliner Procedures
  • Lip Liner and Blush
  • Procedures
  • After-care


  • Contra-indications
  • Pre client care
  • Trolley & Treatment area set up

Hygiene and Safety

  • Sanitising your environment
  • Personal hygiene
  • Clinical waste disposal

Business Skills

  • Setting up your own business
  • Show-casing your work with a great portfolio

Colours and Pigments

  • Basic colour theory
  • Identifying skin tones
  • Adjusting pigments to achieve natural results

Client Management

  • Conducting a client consultation
  • Client medical history forms
  • Consent forms

The total cost of the course, including your Certification is £6,850, which includes our Professional Starter Kit. A booking fee of £2,000 is required at the time of booking, in order to secure your place.The balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to the date of your course. Once this payment has been received, you will be sent your manual and instructions for your pre-training task. Once you have completed your case studies and portfolio you will need to attend an assessment day at an additional cost of £250 this payment is due on booking your assessment.

included in your course price


  • Laura Kay London Professional Digital Machine
  • Laura Kay London Needle Selection
  • 3 Eyebrow Pigments
  • 1 Eyeliner Pigment
  • 2 Lip Pigments
  • 10 disposable Sterile Kits which includes: measuring device, hair bonnet, 2 pairs of gloves, gauze, alcohol swabs, micro brushes and cotton buds, disposable tray with pigment holder, clinical waste bag, waterproof protector sheet, 5 aftercare balms

If you would like to get started today on your journey into the world of permanent make up you can start your course now via our student portal and then join us for your practical days. 

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